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When moving to Sedona I was nervous about finding a new dentist.  The first thing that I did was look at online reviews. I admit, Sedona Smiles wasn't the highest star rating when I was looking but local word-of-mouth kept leading me here.  My experience has been nothing but the best!  Dr. Hill is professional, very efficient and always makes sure that I am comfortable and relaxed.  The whole staff is very caring, friendly and knowledgeable!  I'm glad that I made Sedona Smiles my local dentist!

by Corbin  (5 stars on Yelp)

Had a wonderful experience both with my dental work and cleaning. Everyone is friendly and professional. Would highly recommend Sedona Smiles and will use them again.

by Dan and Maureen (5 stars on Google)

I wanted to offer this review after having 2 treatment sessions at Dr. Hill's office this week. He recommended I get scaling and planing done for mild periodontal disease. I am SO GRATEFUL he diagnosed this and recommended this treatment. My holistic dentist's office in Mesa did not recommend this treatment and I just saw them 4 months ago (and have been going to them for 7 years now). Dr. Hill caught this just in time before it became a serious problem. I was also taught proper brushing and flossing techniques. I am feeling super grateful to him and his staff (especially Laura, the superb dental hygienist) for taking such good care of me. While he is not a biological dentist, he is holistic (whole person) minded and very open to working with you. For example, they ordered a special anesthesia at my request because I knew I did well with it. Also, his office seems to be fragrance free -- no Febreze in the bathroom, they use a natural citrus air freshener. My neck started to ache from being in the same position for so long during my sessions and Laura heated up a lavender neck pillow for me, and covered me with a nice soft blanket to keep warm. They offered me an herbal mouthwash to take home for aftercare instead of a regular chemical one. They know how to take care of their patients!

by Julie  (5 stars on Facebook)

I recently visited Sedona Smiles first for an emergency cement of a cap that fell off and was seen right away and was amazed at the professional services from front desk to thoroughness of the dental examination to verify the integrity of the tooth before simply re-cementing, to billing support and now for repeat visits I am seeing consistency of professionalism from all staff and an impressive and effective use of technology to capture, display, and report (for insurances purposes) the health of my mouth.  This was the first and only dentist that I have seen in Sedona and I am so very pleased with my choice!

by Ed  (5 stars on Yelp)

The minute you enter this office, you are met with a smile and friendly hello and asked if you want anything to drink. There is usually a very short wait to be seen. You are always made to feel comfortable by the hygienist and dentist and feel as if they really care about you. I like the fact that they can make crowns in the office so that repairs happen while you are at the appointment.

by Elizabeth  (5 stars on Google)