Isodry Sedona, AZ

Modern dental materials are very sensitive to moisture during placement and require the dentist to have perfect control of the oral environment to achieve optimal results. The old-fashioned method to obtain this control is the rubber dam. While effective at restricting moisture, it is not very comfortable and often causes patients greater anxiety over dental appointments. While there are still some instances where it must be used, most procedures can be completed with the use of Isodry, a device that puts patient comfort on par with moisture control. The Isodry protects the checks, lips, and tongue at the same time as it props open the mouth and removes water and saliva. There are different sizes to accommodate every size of mouth. It also frees up the dentist and his team to focus on other aspects of the procedure, making your time in the chair shorter. There is no sacrifice of comfort or control. Contact us today to experience the latest in dental isolation.