Digital X-rays

Are you concerned about dental x-rays? We understand the importance of limiting your exposure to radiation to the lowest reasonable amount. That's why we offer the latest in digital x-rays! In recent years we have made huge advances in this regard, especially when compared to traditional film-based x-rays. For example, old film x-rays require 9 times the amount of radiation that our digital x-rays do. In addition, when you fly coast-to-coast you receive more radiation than you would from 80 digital dental x-rays, which is more x-rays than we would take over the course of several years. We would have to take almost 20,000 digital dental x-rays to reach the same level of exposure in just 1 mammogram! When coupled with the benefits of being able to detect problems when they are small, you can see why we place such high importance on receiving regular dental x-rays. Contact us today to start receiving the benefits of less radiation at the dental office!