Teeth Whitening

Teeth start off in most instances very white and shiny. As we age, teeth tend to dull and become stained from exposure to substances like coffee, tea, wine, and tobacco. To reverse these effects, whitening is usually needed. Teeth whitening is one of the fastest ways to enhance your smile, making you appear younger and more beautiful. Whether you have a big event like a wedding coming up or you just want to look your best, we offer professional whitening to help you achieve a whiter smile quickly and safely. With so many different products available it can be confusing and difficult to know which ones will be effective without causing damage. While teeth whitening can help lighten teeth that have external stains, it will not change the color of existing dental work or of teeth that are stained from the inside. In these instances, crowns or veneers might be the better choice. Contact us today for a consultation to find out what the best option is for you.