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Dr. Hill and his staff are truly outstanding in the level of expertise, customer caring and dental performance they provide. I feel very confident that my dental needs are being fully met. This is the dental practice I recommend to all of my friends. Well done Dr. Hill.

by William  (5 stars on Google)

Dr. Matt Hill and all of the staff at Sedona Smiles are all winners in our book! We receive nothing but excellent care, professional and very personable service. Dr. Hill employs his exceptional skills along with all of the newest technology to ensure that we get the best dental treatment possible. We have FULL confidence in Sedona Smiles!

by Tally  (5 stars on Google)

Dr. Matt Hill and his team are friendly, caring & professional. Last week while having a crown replaced & a cavity filled, I was so comfortable with them, I started dozing while they were working on my mouth. This is unusual for me because generally I am nervous in Dr. offices.

by Misti  (5 stars on Google)

Matt and his team are excellent. Had an emergency and they were able to get me in on their next business day. No hidden costs, everything is explained well. In and out in within an hour. I contacted multiple dentistry offices in the area, not only were the were the first to get back to me promptly, they were the only office to get back to me. Great work!

by Christopher  (5 stars on Google)

The entire team at Sedona Smiles is wonderfully warm, responsive and skilled. I had a dental emergency and was seen the same day by Dr. Hill and his assistant Robin. They quickly diagnosed the problem and provided caring, respectful and highly skilled response on the same day. Do yourself a favor and get to this terrific practice. I'm willing to share!

by Kathryn  (5 stars on Google)

I went in yesterday with an emergency - a gold filling had fallen out. So glad they were able to squeeze in my visit! Unfortunately, we found decay under the 40-yr old filling that meant we couldn't just glue it back in, and I couldn't stay long enough to have the necessary work done right then. So, they made an appointment for me early this morning. Like most people, I dreaded the needle. Dr. Hill's method of giving me the shots to numb the area WAS THE BEST!! I DIDN'T FEEL ANYTHING!! My tooth looks fabulous with the porcelain filling, which we expect will last another 40 years, if not more!

by Meri  (5 stars on Google)

I don't know anyone who looks forward to going to the dentist, but I felt compelled to write this review because if you are one of those people, then you need to see Dr. Matt Hill. Dr. Hill and Robin are so thoughtful and conscientious about making sure that you are comfortable, not in any pain and that they answer any questions you may have. Dr Hill is an excellent dentist and I have been very happy my my dental work, which at this point, has been fillings and crowns. Honestly, even if I moved away from the area, I would travel back to Sedona for my appointments because I value and trust him and the staff that much!
Laura, at Sedona Smiles, is also a wonderful dental hygienist ! I have been going to her for years. She is kind, gentle and so knowledgable.
I rarely do reviews, but this staff and office are exceptional and I wanted to take the time to let you know how good I think they are. If you are looking for a great dentist and Dental hygienist, I highly recommend Dr. Hill and the Staff of Sedona Smiles.

by Amelia  (5 stars on Google)

After moving from one dentist to another over the years, I have finally found a team that is expedient, proficient, and effective. They run a modern facility in a warm and caring environment - the most pain free dental procedures I've ever experienced. If you need a dentist I would highly recommend Dr. Hill and his staff!

by Brian  (5 stars on Google)

Dr. Hill and the great team at Sedona Smiles are simply excellent. I've just had two crowns made and they are not only perfect in fit but they look fantastic. Dr. Hill even sat with while he made the small cosmetic adjustments that I wanted on the computer. I could see how the changes lined up with my other teeth and be part of that decision. The procedure was easy, painless, and I was out of the office with my new crowns in a couple hours. I highly recommend Sedona Smiles!!!

by Kristen  (5 stars on Google)

I've been a long time client of Sedona Smiles. Dr. Matt Hill is an amazing new dental talent running the show. I love the entire staff. And as someone who has had a lot of bad dentists in my life I am thrilled to have found such a good dental team blessed with cutting edge tech.

by Ken  (5 stars on Google)

Ever hear of a destination Dentist?!? Dr Matt can put a brand new crown in your mouth in ONE visit! (And he gives the BEST novocaine I've ever had, just sayin'), so come to Sedona and get some sparkle in your smile! But, really, these folks are absolutely the gentlest, kindest, and talented Dental Group EVER, ANYWHERE! . I have relatives, who, when they come to visit are planning on a visit to this Dentist!You know you have found something special in a dentist if people want to visit him while on vacation! Thank you Dr Matt and crew for a relaxing afternoon and the beautiful new crown.

by Debra  (5 stars on Google)

Dr. Hill has an instinct for discovering dental issues that are subtle. I am impressed with this and with the quality of hisn work. His manner is great as well. I highly recommend him.

by Paul  (5 stars on Google)

Best dental experience ever! I've been going to this practice since it started many years ago. Dr. Hill recently took over the practice and I' m happy to report that I can now look forward to my dental visits and know that Dr. Hill's expertise and gentle manner along with his wonderful staff will be a most positive experience. My entire family feels the same....even the little grandchildren!

by Susan  (5 stars on Google)

I have had four dentists in the last ten years since my U.S. Naval Dentist for twenty five years, and personal friend, retired, and I am in awe of Dr. Hill and his "chair side" manner. The best dentist after ten years!! Of course he has the assistance of some pretty incredible technicians who are dedicated and persistent "guides" to healthy mouth hygiene. My replacement crown was completed in slightly over one hour without a twinge of pain of the Novocain needle. And the best recommendation is that the crown fit perfectly without any adjustments needed and it hasn't caused any discomfort after three weeks.Cool! The best ever!

by Lance  (5 stars on Google)

In a small town like Sedona, it's often a challenge to find exceptional dental and medical care. This is not the case with Dr. Matt Hill and his fully professional staff. Every detail is attended to, with every effort to provide your comfort. I feel that integrity is their motto. If you can ever enjoy have six crowns replaced over a matter of weeks, the exceptionally warm and often humorous atmosphere of this office is the closest possible place. Thank you.

by Sunday  (5 stars on Google)

I broke a tooth, called them up and was seen right away. In less than 90 minutes I had a new tooth. The staff was very friendly and professional. A very comforting atmosphere.I highly recommend Dr. Hill.

by Jim  (5 stars on Google)

I can now say that going to the dentist is fun! At least I had fun yesterday when I got my crown replaced. The staff is so caring and warm, and Dr. Hill is highly skilled. If you want the very best in dental hygiene and care, this is the place for you. Highly professional, highly talented, and really great staff. I went in with a number of issues with my teeth, and everything I had done, from crowns to cleaning, was done expertly! I love Dr. Hill and his staff and recommend them to everyone!

by Sarah  (5 stars on Google)

I had an excellent experience with Dr. Hill. I have been going to Sedona Smiles for 15 years now but I found Dr. Hill, the new owner to be the best. I brought my 13-year-old son to Sedona Smiles who had an amazing experience with Laura the hygienist. He was not brushing his teeth properly but with Laura’s help he is changing his routine and getting into good dental habits. I would highly recommend Sedona Smiles!

by Stephanie  (5 stars on Google)

I recently had two crowns replaced by Dr. Hill. Both crowns were removed and the new ones added in less two hours. Dr. Hill is a Tremendous dentist. His office has the leading edge Equipment and tools. He is top notch in his knowledge, his ability to communicate clearly and easily , and his competence . His demeanor is easy and comforting for someone like me who dreads dental work. Sedona is so fortunate to have him n his team.

His office is beautifully and comfortably decorated, which coming from me is quite a compliment. The entire team is professional and extremely competent in their duties as well as friendly and engaging.
I highly recommend Sedona Smiles..... first class in every respect!

by Lois  (5 stars on Google)

How rare it is to anticipate with pleasure a visit to one's dentist. Regardless of the impending procedures, either major or minor, an appointment at Sedona Smiles compares to a small family gathering at which you have only family members of whom you are most fond. From Laura Beth and Alexandra, lovely greeters and providers at the front desk, to Laura, the best in the West hygienist, to Robin, Dr. Hill's expert assistant and to Dr. Hill himself, caring, gentle and highly professional, you are in really good hands at Sedona Smiles.

by Jerry  (5 stars on Google)

Sedona Smiles provides very high quality dentistry. Dr. Hill is very patient in explaining procedures and gentle in performing them. He uses the latest technology and techniques, and is very efficient and accomplished in them. The office staff is great. Robin, Laura and Laura-Beth are all very kind, personable and competent. I highly recommend the practice.

by Mark  (5 stars on Google)

Sedona Smiles Dentist office provides state of the art dentistry and small town service! (meaning they care). You dont need to go to Phoenix to get your same day dental work done, Dr. Matt Hill is gentle and creating beautiful, compuerized crowns and bridges of excellent quality with same day service, no temporaries required! The office staff , Robin, Laura Beth and Laura are very kind and talented at what they do. They are a close team and work well together. You can tell they are friends and enjoy their jobs. For teeth cleaning Laura is a excellent hygienist. I am very happy with the dental work I have had done here and recommend them.

by Elizabeth  (5 stars on Google)

From the cleaning and check up to the tooth repair and implant all was done with professionalism and care. Thank you Dr Hill and staff.

by Sidney  (5 stars on Google)

Dr. Hill was very professional and gentle. He made me feel at ease with the procedure I needed to have done. His staff was very friendly and kind. The dental office clean and welcoming.

by Rebecca  (5 stars on Google)

When moving to Sedona I was nervous about finding a new dentist.  The first thing that I did was look at online reviews. I admit, Sedona Smiles wasn't the highest star rating when I was looking but local word-of-mouth kept leading me here.  My experience has been nothing but the best!  Dr. Hill is professional, very efficient and always makes sure that I am comfortable and relaxed.  The whole staff is very caring, friendly and knowledgeable!  I'm glad that I made Sedona Smiles my local dentist!

by Corbin  (5 stars on Yelp)

Had a wonderful experience both with my dental work and cleaning. Everyone is friendly and professional. Would highly recommend Sedona Smiles and will use them again.

by Dan and Maureen (5 stars on Google)

I wanted to offer this review after having 2 treatment sessions at Dr. Hill's office this week. He recommended I get scaling and planing done for mild periodontal disease. I am SO GRATEFUL he diagnosed this and recommended this treatment. My holistic dentist's office in Mesa did not recommend this treatment and I just saw them 4 months ago (and have been going to them for 7 years now). Dr. Hill caught this just in time before it became a serious problem. I was also taught proper brushing and flossing techniques. I am feeling super grateful to him and his staff (especially Laura, the superb dental hygienist) for taking such good care of me. While he is not a biological dentist, he is holistic (whole person) minded and very open to working with you. For example, they ordered a special anesthesia at my request because I knew I did well with it. Also, his office seems to be fragrance free -- no Febreze in the bathroom, they use a natural citrus air freshener. My neck started to ache from being in the same position for so long during my sessions and Laura heated up a lavender neck pillow for me, and covered me with a nice soft blanket to keep warm. They offered me an herbal mouthwash to take home for aftercare instead of a regular chemical one. They know how to take care of their patients!

by Julie  (5 stars on Facebook)

I recently visited Sedona Smiles first for an emergency cement of a cap that fell off and was seen right away and was amazed at the professional services from front desk to thoroughness of the dental examination to verify the integrity of the tooth before simply re-cementing, to billing support and now for repeat visits I am seeing consistency of professionalism from all staff and an impressive and effective use of technology to capture, display, and report (for insurances purposes) the health of my mouth.  This was the first and only dentist that I have seen in Sedona and I am so very pleased with my choice!

by Ed  (5 stars on Yelp)

The minute you enter this office, you are met with a smile and friendly hello and asked if you want anything to drink. There is usually a very short wait to be seen. You are always made to feel comfortable by the hygienist and dentist and feel as if they really care about you. I like the fact that they can make crowns in the office so that repairs happen while you are at the appointment.

by Elizabeth  (5 stars on Google)