Pain Free Dentistry

Most fear of the dentist comes from the fear that the visit will hurt. Many people have had painful experiences at the dentist office in the past. Whether its the needle used to administer anesthetic or the procedure itself, we often worry about feeling pain. Dr. Matt Hill and Laura are very aware of this fact and take extra measures to ensure your utmost comfort.  It begins by making sure that you are comfortable in your chair with a blanket, a warm rice bag or towel, and your preference of music. If necessary, we can offer medication such as Xanax to help you relax prior to your appointment. Once you are comfortable, we begin the procedure and check with you constantly to make sure you remain relaxed. By making sure you are comfortable and relaxed, the procedure actually becomes safer and more predictable, and can even be accomplished more efficiently. If anesthetic is required for your procedure, we use the latest techniques to ensure that we administer it as gently as possible. Often times we hear patients say something like "That was it?! I didn't feel a thing!" We take great pride in providing a 5-star experience every time you visit our office. Contact us today to find out how you can receive dental treatment pain free!