CBCT (3D X-rays)

3-dimesional (3D) x-rays are an indispensable tool in our practice. Traditional intra-oral x-rays are two dimensional, but you are not! While they are excellent for detecting cavities and many other tooth-related problems, 2-dimensional x-rays have inherent shortcomings because they are only two dimensional. Often times we need to see beyond the teeth to make a correct diagnosis and a proper plan to help address your specific needs. 3D x-rays allow us to evaluate not only your teeth, but your entire face and jaws, including your sinuses, jaw joints, nasal passage, soft tissues, major nerves, and many other vital structures. These images are critical for accurate planning of implant procedures to ensure we avoid major nerves and unintended damage to other nearby structures. By pairing the information from this x-ray with the information from our advanced Cerec imaging system, we can be nearly assured of the final result of the implant process before we even begin! They also allow for accurate visualization of wisdom teeth, allowing us to make better recommendations for removal. These 3D x-rays often allow us to pick up on problems that are not evident in other x-rays, which may allow for more conservative treatment options. Contact us today to see how you can benefit from a 3D x-ray!